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    No.19, Ximen Rd., Yanshui Dist., Tainan City 737, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Walking in Yanshui District where folk beliefs are prevalent, you pass the building thinking it's a relatively low-profile Taiwanese temple. It's until you see the cross and the words on its gate that you realize unexpectedly that it's a Catholic church.

This is Yanshui Catholic Church, one of most locally-featured Catholic church in Taiwan. The main hall "Temple of Heaven" was built in 1986 under the instruction of Father Eusebius, who filled the interior with Chinese-style decoration and murals. Right in front of the altar is the well-known "Last Supper" mural, which alludes to the same-titled masterpiece yet incorporates the Han people wearing their traditional clothes and Han delicacies—such as baozi (steamed bun, 包子)—into the mural. In addition, the walls opposite the altar are painted with murals depicting the stories of creating the world in Genesis. These artistic works reverse people's stereotypes about classical Catholic murals. Visitors will definitely notice the considerable efforts made by the Catholic Church for localization.

In Yanshui, Tainan, things worth experiencing are not only beehive fireworks and Yi noodles (noodles made with eggs, 意麵). If you want to visit a Chinese-style church other than temples, Yanshui Catholic Church is really worth lingering.


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