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    No.184, Wushulin, Houbi Dist., Tainan City 731, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Located behind Tainan City and just beyond the neighbouring Wushulin Recreation Park, Wushulin Sugar Factory was established during the Japanese colonial period in 1910. In the past, it was an important center for the production of Taiwanese sugar. Because Wushulin Train Station was situated inside the park, it became an important hub for the transport of sugar to the Tainan region. In 2001, following the refurbishment of the original sugar cane carrying handcar, the body of the train was converted to allow visitors to take a ride. According to those who come here, having the opportunity to take a train to understand Taiwan’s history is a fresh and memorable experience. And if you are a serious railway enthusiast, you might also enjoy the display of more than 20 kinds of locomotive and passenger train cars on display here.

After the end of its era producing sugar in 1982, Wushulin Sugar Factory was transformed into a butterfly orchid cultivation center. Today, as well as the railway, you can also visit the orchid exhibition area, insect museum, and even an earthquake stimulation center! If you are after a sugary taste of times past, you can go to the old-fashioned candy making experience area, where you can personally make candy to your own taste. If your appetite has been whetted, you can also go to the old police quarters, which has been turned into a canteen and is very inviting at noontime. Although the Wushulin Recreation Park beautifully combines recreation with industrial development and historical and cultural treasures, its remoteness and lack of maintenance means it is not our most recommended site. Instead, why not make a visit to Tainan’s Ten Drum Rende Creative Park (十鼓仁糖文創園區) or Kaohsiung’s Taiwan Sugar Museum (橋頭糖廠)?


Tainan - The Olden Days

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