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The Tainan Metropolitan Park is the go-to spot for local residents to relax. The pleasant atmosphere in the park attracts people around sunset, when the sun is resting and the greens are turning orange under the warm sunlight. The trail along the lake is most popular with couples on their romantic dates. The grass is filled with families on the weekends with kids running around, parents playing Frisbees with their children, kites flying in the air, and simple picnics as well. This park is a great place if you wish to experience the Taiwanese leisure activities. With it’s vast area, the highlight of the park is the 2015 newly opened Chimei Museum. This museum is known for its ancient Greek style architecture. The magnificent building in the center, with the Olympus Bridge that leads you straight to the museum, seem extra gorgeous from the reflection of the lake under a sunny day. Thus this spot became a popular site among photography enthusiasts and couples taking pre-wedding pictures. Until recent times, visits to the museum are only available through online reservations. There are five exhibition halls holding both permanent and temporary exhibitions, including the Hall of Fine Art, the Hall of Music Instruments, the Hall of Arms and Armors, the Hall of Natural History and Fossils, and the Hall of Rodin Gallery. You can schedule your visit through the Internet, dating from the next day to the end of next month. Your tickets will be purchased on site by giving the front desk your reservation number, at the price of TWD200/person.


Tainan - The Olden Days

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