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A periodic night market in downtown Tainan, Flowers Night Market do not enjoy a history longer than Taipei's Shilin Night Market, Taichung's Fengjia Night Market, or Kaohsiung's Liuhe Tourist Night Market. In addition, the night market only opens on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and is closed on rainy days. Yet, in just 15 years or so, Flowers Night Market has quickly developed into the biggest night market in southern Taiwan. Now boasting nearly four hundred stalls, the night market provides delicious snacks, fashionable clothes, exquisite commodities, as well as entertainment. Tourists can find things to eat, drink, and play here. To attract the passing tourists' attention, vendors hang out flags high above their stalls. The flying flags thereby become one of the most prominent features of the night market.

The snacks in Tainan are generally great, so you need not to worry about having something terrible in the night market. Just pick what suits your appetites. In Flowers Night Market, you can find fried chicken breast (ji pai, 雞排), oyster omelets (ke za ijian, 蚵仔煎), beef rolls (牛肉卷), scallion pancakes (cong you bing, 蔥油餅), takoyaki (zhang yu shao, 章魚燒), eel noodles (shan yu yi mian, 鱔魚意麵), bubble milk tea, and so on. Some stalls only provide takeout food, so you have to sample the food while walking. Others have seats to eat in. Clothes here may not cater for young people's taste, but some small objects—dolls, mobile phone cases, and lighters—are sold in the night market. Other stalls provide entertaining facilities that can commonly seen in periodic night markets, such as arcade basketball machines, ring toss games, and balloon shooting. In the early days when the Internet and cable TV did not exist, these were the recreational activities many people were looking forward to after dinner.


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