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    No.360, Dazhong Rd., Annan Dist., Tainan City 709, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tainan is the first city in Taiwan. As a city originated from a port, canal building is very important. Sicao Green Tunnel is the very first canal developed more than 200 years ago.

Take the bamboo raft and enter the time tunnel, you will see mangrove forest stretching from the bank covering the sky. The reflection sometimes makes you wonder if there is another world under the water. Be careful, some branches might show up right next to your face when you turn around.

Take a closer look, you will see the male Fiddler crab waving its claws to fight for his reign. If you are lucky enough, mudskippers will show themselves and climb with their “arms” on the bank of the wetlands. The trip does not take a long time but it brings you the resemblance of Amazon rainforest. Lower your voice, soak in the atmosphere, and prepare for the little surprises on the boat ride.


  • If you really like boat rides and want more, there is another two-hour one circling the lake right next to the tunnel with a faster and bigger boat, jumping fish around you, and a spectacular canal view.

Tainan - The Olden Days

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