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    Shennong St., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Judging from the name of the street, you can tell there is a temple worshiping the acclaimed the Great Emperor of Medicine, also known as Shennong (神農), on the street. To better understand the Chinese medicine, he tasted hundreds of herbs by himself and taught people knowledge about them. However, he died because of the poisonous plants he tasted and was worshiped as a deity after death. Yet the historical figure Shennong was not the reason why the street became famous. Shennong Street had been developed early, but because of complicated property right issues, many old houses were left disused after several generations. In fact, it is the vintage atmosphere and intact houses that draw some of the young art creators and ambitious entrepreneurs to run business here. Personal studios, cafes, and small bars are now standing on the street. Although the street is only a hundred meters long, the atmosphere it created has attracted quite a few photographers and bloggers to visit here, and the street gradually rises to fame in Tainan. Later, because crowds of people continue to flood in, there is even a stir fry eatery opened at the entrance of the street. More commercialized stores also pop up here. Yet these do not decrease people's fondness for the old street.

The street not too long features a few stores worth mentioning. For example, TAIKOO (太古百貨) is a small bar converted from a two-storey old house. In the narrow space, you can see vintage sofas with a touch of distinctive design. You can sit at the bar area playing with the old dolls on the table or have a small talk with the bartender. Or, carefully step on the wooden stairs to reach the second floor. You can lean on the balcony looking at tourists coming and going while having a hearty drink of beer. Another feature on the street is Shennong Bar (神農酒館), which has a more modern setting and an owner with strong personality. Even the owner himself has no idea when the store will be open. So it takes good luck if you want to have a drink at his bar. Anyway, the street does not have much special during the daytime. It is at the night that the stores open and the street gets lively. After finishing your dinner at Haian Road (海安路), you may take a stroll here to soak up the most trendy old street in Taiwan.


Tainan - The Olden Days

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