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    No.1, Zhongzheng Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Originally the government building of Tainan Prefecture Hall, National Museum of Taiwan Literature is the administrative center of Tainan under the Japanese rule. Featuring the Mansard roof—a hip roof characterized by two slopes on each side, usually with fish scale or hexagon shingles, as well as oeil-de-boeuf or dormer windows at the attic, the museum is rich in a classic French feel. Although it has a completely different style from the Tainan Confucius Temple—which is located just behind it, the museum of Taiwan Literature is a historic evidence of Japan's westernization and colonization in Taiwan. In addition, thanks to the beautiful lines and graceful color matching, along with the red-brick arch and bright natural illumination inside the building, the museum has become an ideal place for pre-wedding photos. But in fact, the nearly century-old architecture was almost ruined by the aerial attacks during World War II. Only the external walls were left then. The building was therefore abandoned for four years. Later, after being renovated and circulated in the market for many times, the building finally become a museum, collecting a lot of historical materials about modern Taiwan literature.


Tainan - The Olden Days

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