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    No.91-2, Zuozhen, Zuozhen Dist., Tainan City 713, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

As the very first Tibetan Buddhist temple in southern Taiwan, Karma Kagyu Monastery is a complex of Han Chinese and Tibetan culture featuring grand architecture and exquisite sculptures. Its remote location makes it not only a religious mecca but a hidden gem to meditate in peace and appreciate the beauty of Tibetan Buddhist art.

The complex adopts the bold colors commonly seen in Tibet. Within the most glorious structure — the Hall of Fawang, venerated a 16-meter-tall statue of Gautama Buddha, which is the tallest Buddhist statue you can find inside any temple in Taiwan. The massive gold-foiled statue is made of copper and has three hundred diamonds adorned between the eyebrows, implying that the divine light will shine upon all beings. When you walk between halls, a Chinese garden lined with sweet olive trees will come into sight. A stroll down through these fragrant trees seems to be able to release stress and clear one’s mind. Meanwhile, the Buddhist artworks ranging from murals, thangkas, paintings to wood carvings, copper sculptures, stone relief works and clay modelling will contribute to your sense of beauty and greater well-being.


Tainan - The Olden Days

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