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The salt fields located in Beimen, Tainan, had been founded more than three hundred years before they were shut down due to expensive labor costs. Seawater trapped in the salt fields was evaporated by the sun, and then the farmers would collect crystallized grains of salt. Later, to combine tourism with historic preservation, the salt fields were rejuvenated. People can bring their kids here to see how salt on the table is formed. In the neat, square-shaped salt fields, they can see a heap of crystallized white salt stand between a thin layer of seawater. In some fields where seawater has been evaporated, children can hold a rake playing or piling the salt. As sunset draws closer, many amateur photographers come here to take pictures. Orange afterglow of the sinking sun is reflected in shallow seawater, making a beautiful scene. Walking westwards along the ridge, people see acres of oyster farms, where farmers are probably rowing their bamboo rafts ashore to get home after collecting the oysters.


Tainan - The Olden Days

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