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As one of the first cities in Taiwan, Tainan is home to a wealth of historic heritage such as Haishan Hall that was used to accommodate the Qing naval officers. The regeneration on this historic site breathes new life into a historic asset and reconnects it to the rest of the neighborhood. Nowadays, Haishan Hall draws in a significant number of tourists who pray to the adorable guardian lions for blessings.

These officers was stationed on Pingtan Island for garrison duty before being shifted to Tainan. On that island, there is a mountain also bearing the name of “Haishan” and that is how this hall of residence got its name. There used to be five halls of residence in Tainan, but as the years go by, Haishan Hall becomes the only one that is standing strong today. The repurposed hall is now guarded by four different mascots, including guardian lions, bats, robots and ponies, who turn out to be the best ambassadors for Haishan Hall. If you are interested in a bit of local history, friendly and informative guided tours are available on site.


Tainan - The Olden Days

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