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Commissioned in 1978, the Deyang Battleship was the former torpedo boat destroyer that escorted convoys across the strait. After its retirement, this warship didn’t end up as a piece of "industrial waste." Instead, the local government transformed it into a brilliant exhibition space, which gives a peek to a very fascinating side of this combatant ship. All those alarms on the wall seem to bring us back at that time when relations between Taiwan and China were still tense and emergencies could happen at any time.

Visitors even get to have a glimpse of the armament, inclusive of torpedo tubes for launching torpedoes, a torpedo track, a helicopter apron and a surveillance radar — military buffs will be in heaven. Upon entering the bridge of the destroyer, you will soon realize that it is where the actual commanding was carried out. Give yourself a few seconds and pretend you are one of the patriotic commanders who once protected and fought for his country right on this warship. Today, the Deyang Battleship serves as a floating museum at Anping Harbor and continues to tell its heroic history.

The whole visit can be quite short but will surely make those who once served in the navy feeling nostalgic. Even if you don’t know much about the military, a visit to the Deyang Battleship will simply help you understand more.


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