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    No.790, Anping Rd., Anping Dist., Tainan City 708, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

As the main hub of Tainan, Anping Harbor played a major role in the history and development of Tainan. The continued silting of the harbor once led to the decline in the importance of Anping as a port, but the local government has put extra efforts to bring it back to life. Nowadays, you can stroll or cycle along this historic harbor, or even go on a boat ride that comes with a guided tour to help you better understand the city of Tainan and its glorious past. As Tainan is blessed with abundant seafood, mesh bags attached to metal racks where oysters are grown can be seen all over the harbor, and a significant number of fishing boats are getting ready to go out. Across the harbor is Lin Mo-niang Park dedicated to the sea goddess Mazu, who protects people's lives during their journeys at sea.

National Anping Harbor Historic Park connects a wealth of historic sites, temples and local eateries surrounding the harbor. For example, the famous landmark Eternal Golden Castle was the first modern-era fort built in Taiwan and a vivid representation of Tainan's history and progression through the centuries. Have a nice walk around the neighborhood, and grab some shrimp rolls and crackers on the way. There are also a number of new attractions worth visiting such as Shuijing Bridge and Taiwan Coffee Museum. Today, Anping Harbor may not be as bustling as it once was, but it never fails to be an axis where hope and history ebb and swell.


Tainan - The Olden Days

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