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    Sec. 1, Zhonghua Rd., Central Dist., Taichung City 400, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Welcome to the origin of all night markets in Taichung. Although this is not the biggest, nor the most interesting one in Taichung City, Zhonghua Night Market is the oldest one starting its time in 1950’s and the government formally set the market region in 1965. There are more than 500 food stands and shops along the almost 3 kilometers long street.

Zhonghua Night Market used to be even busier but with the shift of city hall and business development of Taichung City, the market lost its prime status in the city. However, this place is where you can find food at 3am. Just be more careful when you walk around some corners in the market. This place is not as safe as other night markets in Taichung. The government renovated this market in 2006 and now it looks a bit cleaner and tidier indeed. The street is full of pedestrians, scooters, and cars, so please be aware while striding along the stands. The food around the street is traditional. It might not taste as good to suit everyone’s flavor. But if you are an old Taichung local, you will come here to taste the history. For example, this market is the only one in Taichung selling snake meat! Well, the food is not always exotic, but you can definitely find some good old fashioned bawan (deep fried meat ball, 肉圓), lumpia (spring rolls, 春捲), steamed sandwiches, stewed thick noodles, and oyster omelette for sure!


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