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    No.65, Xiezhong St., Xinshe Dist., Taichung City 426, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Xinshe Castle (新社古堡) is a privately-owned scenic area built in the style of medieval Europe. It covers a large area and meticulously incorporates European elements such as castles, lakeside, waterfalls, European gardens, and cobblestone paths. The high level of realism almost makes people feel as if they are in Europe, making it a popular spot for outdoor photography and wedding shoots. The park also features a winery, restaurant, and souvenir shop.

The vintage European-style buildings in the park are constructed using red bricks. The sight of the pointed roofs, round towers, Roman columns, and slender chimneys against the blue sky and white clouds creates a fairy-tale-like atmosphere. The large umbrellas by the lakeside add to the leisurely and relaxed ambiance.

The most popular photo spots are mostly around the lakeside. For capturing panoramic views of the castle and ancient bridge, the best location is the viewing pavilion near the parking area. In front of the winery is suitable for taking portraits with an exotic style. It's also a place to rest, but because it's located in a mountainous area, extra attention should be paid to mosquito and sun protection when visiting in the summer.

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