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Located on top of Dadu Mountain, Wanggaoliao is a cliff where a lookout point was built to serve as the best location to appreciate the eye-dazzling night scenery of Taichung. However, due to its remote location, it used to be notorious for petty crimes. Now, a police station is here to serve the public, and Wanggaoliao suddenly becomes a highly sought-after hot spot especially during nighttime. If you want to experience Taiwanese nightlife in a whole new way, you know where to go.

Wanggaoliao is situated on the borderline of Taichung City and Taichung County. On the eastern side you can see the entire city, while on the western side, Qingshui, Wuqi and other coastal towns of Taichung County will greet you from far off. During the day, many pet parents come on a daily basis to exercise their pets. The lack of shade might result in you getting wicked sunburn though — always wear your sunblock. Before the night sets in, as the sun sets along the coast, the sea and the sky becomes an ocean of gold for a most spectacular sight. The beauty of Wanggaoliao stems from the fact that it combines both the bright lights of the big city and the glittering lights of the stars and seaside towns. But please watch your step as the lighting provided is not the greatest.


Taichung - Purple Lavender

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