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    No.12, Jingcheng Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tripod King Hot Pot is the most well-known spicy hot pot restaurant all over Taiwan. Before it opened restaurants widely on the island, many tourists visited Taichung just for the legendary flavor—even it took them more than half an hour lining up at the entrance. No matter what ingredients you add into the hot pot, the unique spicy soup stock will make any of them delicious. In addition to various kinds of meat and meatballs, you should order a plate of fresh vegetables and one of mushrooms. The crispy youtiao (Chinese oil stick, 油條) is another dish you shall not miss out when enjoying spicy hot pot. Besides, since Tripod King has cleaned the entrails and duck blood curds thoroughly and removed all the gamy smell of them, customers—even those who dare not to taste the two ingredients—are recommended to try some. Take a bite of them, you can only feel the luscious and bouncy texture. Of course, customers are also treated with an unlimited supply of tofu, which sinks into the bottom and absorb the pot's unique flavor. Before leaving, you can ask for a takeaway of the tofu and the duck blood. Last but not least, before the meal ends, please remember to order a jar of suanmeitang (sour plum drink, 酸梅湯). Icy and cooling, sweet and sour, the drink helps to remove the greasy feeling after a lavish meal.

Tripod King has spent a fortune on every restaurant's decor, creating an atmosphere rich in Chinese-style elements. Waiters dressed in traditional costumes provide pleasant service and ninety degree bows to customers. It is hard to imagine that the large-scale chain enterprise has its origin in Taichung's Zhongxiao Night Market. Established in 1991, Tripod King has experienced a lot of storms. But the loyal patrons who love the hot pots so dearly keep supporting Tripod King with actions. The consistent flavor is probably the secret that makes Tripod King successful.


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