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    No.87, Sec. 2, Sanmin Rd., Central Dist., Taichung City 400, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

If you're looking for a haven of Taiwanese cuisine in Taichung, then you absolutely must not miss Taichung Second Market. The market's layout is radial, with a hexagonal central building constructed of red bricks and wood, from which radiate 54 shops, 200 permanent stalls, and 100 temporary stalls. There's an incredible array of local delicacies on offer, so don't leave until you're stuffed!

Speaking of must-tries, here are a few long-established eateries that are worth checking out: Lao Lai Tea, Aqi's Three Generations of Fuzhou Noodles, Shanhe Lu Rou Fan, and Tiantian Mantou, where each bun costs just five NT$. This century-old market is like a kitchen for the people of Taichung, and every bite of street food is a simple delight crafted with decades of passion.

Expect to queue up a bit during peak hours, and parking in the vicinity is a bit tricky, but other than that, you're sure to have a satisfying culinary adventure here.


Taichung - Purple Lavender

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