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The Taichung Confucius Temple (台中孔廟) was built employing the temple-style architecture of the Song Dynasty, which is characterized by roughhewn simplicity, harmony, and majesty. It is one of few examples of classical Song Dynasty architecture in Taiwan, and it boasts great structural complexity and a wealth of exquisite decoration. Each detail of the construction process - including assembly of forms, emplacement of reinforcing, and pouring of concrete - required meticulous calculation and checking, and the external decoration work was even more painstaking. Each hall of the temple features color painting in the Song style, and the predominant decorative motif consists of curling grass and flowers.

Confucius is one of the greatest men in the history of world. More than two thousand five hundred years ago (551~479 B. C.). Never tired of learning and teaching throughout his life, Confucius has long been recognized in China as “the Greatest Sage and Foremost Teacher with Outstanding Achievements.” He believed that in teaching, there should be no class distinctions and hence he had up to three thousand disciples. From the Analects, we can see that he tried to help his disciples solve problems arising out of daily life and human relationships. Though common-place and practical, easily understood and easily carried out, his teachings contributed to the cultivation of the individual, the regulation of the family, the order of the state and the peace of the world.


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