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    No.2-1, Xiezhong St., Xinshe Dist., Taichung City 426, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Mushroom Garden is also a successful business after the Xinshe Tourism Promotion Program. The weather of this hilly area is humid and cool, which is perfect for mushroom cultivation and this place has long been a mushroom business area. After the program, many people come here to open restaurants or recreation parks to attract people coming here, and Mushroom Garden is one of the best.

You can pluck, eat, or buy mushrooms here. There is a mushroom green house with guides explaining how mushrooms are grown and how different mushrooms are made into different products. You will certainly be amazed with this many kinds of edible mushrooms here! You can also pluck fresh ones and cook them later. When you come here, you shall never miss all kinds of different mushroom dishes. Mushroom sausage, fried Eryngii mushrooms, mushroom with minced pork rice, and mushroom soup are all made with freshly plucked mushroom right on the spot. All of these activities make Mushroom Garden a great place to relax and have fun!


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