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    No.186, Sec. 4, Fuxing Rd., East Dist., Taichung City 401, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

A good space needs a good management. That is the golden rule for modern department stores and malls. If only you are good enough to arrange it into an interesting space to attracts visitors, or the space will simply die away, not to mention it is at a not-so-busy corner of the city. MODEmall aimed to be the biggest shopping place in Taichung. However, the arrangement at the beginning is lousy and there are no famous brands in it, making it feels like a huge supermarket. Later on, the new management team rearranged the space and introduced famous brands like Uniqlo and Nitori from Japan, and so many other fashion brands following up. The huge space at the center of the mall is always full of promotion figures, sculptures, and posters of the latest movies on the cinema, making it a great place for visitors taking photos or selfies.

The restaurants are also an important part of the mall. You can find Chun Shui Tang, Dada Tea Dim Sum (大大茶樓), Thaitown (瓦城泰國料理), Saboten fried pork steak (勝博殿日式炸豬排) and almost every popular chained restaurants. Some of them are high above so it is interesting to sit beside the window and take a good look at other visitors on the ground floor. There are also a gym and an ice-skating place in the mall.

The location of MODEmall is really conveninet, only 2 minutes walk from TRA Taichung Station. If you are a guest of CityInn Hotel Plus Taichung Station Branch or some other hotels near the station, this is the place to spend your night, either watching a movie in the mall or hanging around for traditional foods behind the mall.


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