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    No.20, Zhongshan Rd., Central Dist., Taichung City 400, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Like the Harry Potter movies? Like dessert? This place is for you.

When people first enter this amazing dessert restaurant, their first impression is definitely of a Harry Potter like world of high ceilings, glossy floors and huge wooden furniture. You wouldn’t know that this site used to be an ophthalmology clinic, previously owned by a Japanese man named Miyahara during the Japanese occupation period of Taiwan. You also wouldn’t guess that this building was soon to turn into the Taichung City Government’s Public Health Bureau. And you certainly wouldn’t guess that is was deserted for a long time after the bureau was moved to another location, only to be partially destroyed by the 921 earthquake and a strong typhoon. Dawn Cake, a pastry business in Taichung, has done a wonderful job restoring the building into a place full of history and wonder.

Eating the delicacies at Miyahara is like biting into the richness of Taiwanese culture. Traditional desserts like pineapple cakes, suncakes, and almond and date candy are full of flavor and history. Wise proverbs make the cute little wrappings for the desserts great for inspiring discussion while you eat. And the more than 50 flavors of high quality ice cream made from different kinds of Taiwanese fruits, chocolates from around the world, and several kinds of tea can keep you going for days. Make sure to try some of the more unique options, such as “The Bright Blue Sky Days” and “Cheers with the Past” while you are here!


  • If you’re not keen on crowds, visit the Fourth Credit Union (第四信用合作社) branch instead. Although this restaurant also attracts a lot of people, this old bank building is more spacious, giving it a more relaxed feeling.
  • If you are interested in coming to Miyahara, try our best-selling Taichung Purple Lavender tour! After a packed day of different attractions around Taichung, our customers love to relax with their friendly guide for a sweet treat here at the end of the day. Our guides are qualified to talk you through the history and culture of all the sights you see during your time with them. And, most importantly, they have lots of recommendations about which of the 50 ice-cream flavors is most worth your while!

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