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In the early days, winemaking is subject to regulation. People who make wine in secret would be punished. However, after Taiwan joined the WTO in 2002 and was forced to lift the bars on importing wine, private breweries began to be legalized. Among the first legal breweries is Le Blé d'Or, which has been popular for more than a decade. In addition to hypermarkets, which sell beer in a special penguin-shaped bottle, over ten beer-themed Le Blé d'Or restaurants function as the major distribution channels. Offering brewed beer made from "three grains": barley, wheat and rye, Le Blé d'Or provides Taiwanese with a fresh, non-bitter German flavor.

The spacious restaurant imitates the style of a German beer hall. The wine barrels stacked behind the bar in each branch restaurant serve as its signature decor. Delicacies provided in Le Blé d'Or include common German Eisbein and sausage, as well as Italian pizza, American fries, Western-style risotto and Taiwanese fried chicken. In brief, the menu includes every dish that is a match for beer. The dishes may be too greasy to health-conscious customers, but will revelers care so much at a late night? On weekends, some branch restaurants invite resident singers to perform a few songs, pushing the atmosphere to the climax. You can hardly hear a friend sitting opposite to you during the show.


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