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    No.198, Sec. 1, Taizhonggang Rd., West Dist., Taichung City 403, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Lattea, green tea covered with milk and a dash of salt on the top (奶蓋綠茶) has been the favorite of many customers since its invention by the teahouse Lattea in 2003. The cup is guaranteed to be pretty much glued to the lips of all those who drink it; the icy sweet tea combined with salty creaminess is a surprising but much appreciated treat. But for travellers from Singapore or Australia, Gong Cha (貢茶), another green milk tea, which originated in Kaohsiung and has similar taste to Lattea’s invention, might be more familiar. But who exactly invented this other “green milk tea” is unknown. Unlike many on-the-spot beverage shops, Lattea’s storefront is seen in many of Taiwan’s major cities. With a simple and bright décor, it especially attracts younger people. If you want to experience the perfect summer combination of cream and green tea, do not miss Lattea!


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