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    No.389, Sec. 4, Hankou Rd., North Dist., Taichung City 404, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Taiwanese love hot pots. With prices ranging from TWD100 to 1000, hot pots in Taiwan come in different flavors, including Taiwanese shaojiuji (rice wine chicken, 燒酒雞), sour and spicy Thai flavor, healthy herbal diet, even the Swiss cheese flavor. Each different taste has its own supporters. In the highly competitive gourmet industry, Karuizawa decorates the restaurant with the theme of Japanese Zen. Dark brown exterior walls with white Chinese characters on them are particularly remarkable, yet the interior lights and furnishings create a sense of mystery on purpose. Customers visit the restaurant for the first time may think a meal will cost TWD700 or 800, but actually it only takes TWD 300 or so to have a satisfying meal. Karuizawa provides about thirty kinds of hot pots. In addition to Sichuan numbing and spicy pot, Korean kimchi pot, and vegetarian pot, the most recommended one is Japanese sukiyaki, which comes with slightly sweet soup stock plus fresh sliced meat. Customers find a real enjoyment when dipping the meat into the boiling pot swiftly and putting it into their mouths in a minute. As the pot keeps boiling, the stock develops a richer sweetness. Coupled with vegetables, the pot goes perfectly with rice. Generally speaking, a set meal is enough to fill the belly. But if you still have room for more delicacies, you must sample the spicy duck blood—which is much more flavorful than Tripod King Hot Pot's signature duck blood.


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