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    No.89, Sec. 1, Shuangshi Rd., North Dist., Taichung City 40444, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Originally a hot pot eatery hidden on Yizhong Street, Jiting has developed into a chain business with three restaurants in Taichung because of its large portion, great soup stock, and attractive price. Since local people and tourists keep flooding in the area, Yizhong Street shopping area has expanded, rent of the area rising continuously. In the past two dozen years, stores around Jiting have transformed from billiard halls and internet cafes into clothing stores. Old stores were eliminated quickly, yet it has prompted customers to focus on Jiting and become its patron after trying it.

In Jiting, individual hot pots cost less than TWD200. Although it is just a small pot heated by alcohol paste, it contains every necessary element: slices of meat, vegetables, glass noodles, youtiao (Chinese oil stick, 油條), tofu, shrimp dumplings, and so on. Along with a bowl of rice with rousong (meat floss, 肉鬆) on it, most of the girls are not able to finish it. So the considerate restaurant says on its menu: it's okay for two people to share one hot pot. As for the flavors, in addition to the common shacha pot, chou chou (smelly in Mandarin) pot, spicy pot, and Chinese herbal pot, there are curry pot and Japanese miso pot. Yet the pots recommended most are cream cheese pot and the signature kimchi pot. The two wonderful flavors cannot be found in other restaurants. The beverage is another feature of Jiting. Since opening, it has been providing beverages produced and mixed in the restaurant. Among all the options, the best beverage worth a try is peanut milk tea.


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