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Burger is the food beloved by Taiwan teenagers. The problem is American fast food diner chains such as McDonald’s have already been running for more than 30 years, and been tired by lots of people. The situation leads to the boom of independent American style restaurants, one after one. Because Taichung consists a lower foreign population than Taipei and regional competition of the industry is less severe as well, actually, these “special” burger shops are not much different from others in Taipei. This one near to CMP Block Museum of Arts (勤美術館) and Park Lane by CMP (誠品綠園道), however, is undoubtedly one of the top three in Taichung.

From appearance, the diner seems to be rather tiny, but once you push the door open and enter, you might see the front and back area of first floor and the whole second floor are all divided into dining area. Their seats are intently fewer than usual diners in order to ensure a comfortable dining space for consumers. The diner does not offer a wide variety of burger, yet they name the flavor in countries’, for example, “Swedish” emphasizing cheese, “British” representing deep-fried fish and “Korean” meaning kimchi flavor. The most welcomed one is the “Taiwanese” Sesame Peanut Butter Beef Burger (芝麻花生醬牛肉堡). Its peanut butter plus sesame differs from ordinary kind, bridging a perfect combination between cheese and beef. If you like peanut butter burger, you should not miss this one in Taichung.


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