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Many people consider Taiwanese are from the main land China and there is no root for us. I can prove them wrong. Yes, maybe large amounts of Taiwanese are immigrants from China, but there was actually once a civilization on this island. Huilaii Monument Archaeology Park depicts the precious segment of life of ancient Taiwanese ancestors. It was discovered by a student of Tung-hai University, Chen Sheng-ming in 2002. He found a piece of pottery and considered it as a pre-historic time object. After careful authentication by scholars, it was confirmed that it is a piece of pottery more than four thousand years ago. After further investigation, the coverage of the site is around 1500,000 square meters large and Taichung city government making this location as a City Archaeology Area. Even after several years of research and excavation, the scholars only reveal four layers of culture remains ranging from 3600 years ago to 100 years ago. Later on, Taichung city government decided to turn this location into a park and manufactured a replica of the excavation site for people to learn more about the origin of Taiwanese.


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