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    Ln. 145, Sec. 3, Guofeng Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City 420, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Connecting Houli District and Fengyuan District of Taichung, the 4.5-kilometer-long Houfeng Bikeway is Taiwan’s first bike path converted from an abandoned railroad track, which extends all the way to Houli Horse Farm. Bike rentals are available on-site at an affordable price of TWD300. You will cross the 1,273-meter-long No. 9 Tunnel as well as a steel railway bridge converted for bicycle use, offering stunning views of the Dajia River valley. Most of the paved surface is relatively flat, making for easy cycling. If time and energy allowed, why not try the interconnected Dongfeng Bikeway as well?

Without motorized traffic, the bikeway is dedicated to cycling and relatively safe for cyclists. The steel railway bridge that crosses Dajia River was built during the Japanese Colonial Era, whose architectural significance is still being praised today. The surface can be quite slippery, so make sure you pay extra attention while pedalling through. The No. 9 Tunnel is another highlight during the ride. It is the longest railway tunnel along the decommissioned railway lines. The thunderous 10-second experience for passengers aboard a speeding train is now slowed down and appreciated in relative silence, where cyclists get to experience the unknown and unexpected in this dark, breezy tunnel until they could see faint sunlight coming from the other side.


Taichung - Purple Lavender

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