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Guguan was once the beginning of the Central Cross-Island Highway. No matter whether the destination was Lishan, Taroko Gorge or Hualian, people in central Taiwan always started their journey from this place. Indeed, it was not only a transportation artery, but also a popular attraction for sightseeing. When the highway shut after the 921 Earthquake in 1999, the west-to-east sightseeing route was also no longer available. As a result, Guguan Hot Spring Area, once full of hotels, entered its ice age.

Thanks to promotion by the Xuegu Ropeway (雪谷纜車) and rebuilding after the earthquake, tourists have started to flow back to the place. Hotels have also been renovated with modern facilities and services. The place now welcomes visitors of all ages for hot spring and forest walks. Still, the local industry still hopes that the re-opening of the Central Cross-Island Highway can bring back the good old days. If so, younger tourists will be able to experience the classical road trip the way their parents did.


Taichung - Purple Lavender

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