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    Xinsheng Rd., Wufeng Dist., Taichung City 413, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

As if the Taiwanese government is in a rush to erase the remains that stayed with us during the past 50 years of economic growth, the majority of Taiwan’s old military dependents’ villages have been torn down and villagers relocated. The Guangfu New Village in Wufeng, Taichung City however, although there are not many villagers left, is under transformation towards becoming an upcoming creative space. Even though this area is still under construction, local artists already started working there. Before the transformation is complete, everyone is allowed to enter these aged houses freely. You get to see how artists utilize these semi-deserted spaces to create their unique art works, and how performing artists rehearse their plays in and out of these houses. A few years ago, students in Taichung started putting installation art into the village. The styled and doodled wooden chairs and benches on the Heping Road in the village are some of the artworks, there are ones that were painted as the national flag, as a piano, and even as books. When you go around the corner where there is a cluster of colorful houses, you can see there is a picture of Sun Yet-sun (who was said to be the father of Taiwan) and his motto “天下為公” (which means “the world is for all”). Despite severe damage to a small portion of the houses, most of them seem to be in good shape. These temporary communities, which the KMT built after retreating from the civil war in Mainland China, became the signature style of buildings at the time. Even though they were not as delicate as temples from hundreds of years ago, or as special as the traditional buildings of the aborigines, they were filled with memories of many people that grew up there. Around the village entrance, there is a small section of vendors and noodle stalls. Despite the crude looks, the food certainly taste like Taiwan. The 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan is near the end of the village. After strolling through 50 years of Taiwanese history, you can visit the elementary school which was preserved after the devastating earthquake.


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