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Today, Taiwan’s west coast is mostly sandy beaches. But before modern human development there used to be several wetlands in Taiwan’s west, mostly placed at the mouth of rivers where numerous creatures were attracted to rich nutrients at the meeting of the river and the sea. Luckily for us today, Gaomei Wetlands has not been destroyed by development, and remains a wonderful place to visit.

Gaomei Wetlands is to the south of the mouth of Dajia River. The area is more than a thousand hectares large, with at least 120 species of birds calling it home. As you enter the wetlands, you will see the sedge grass that makes it so distinctive. Being one of the few plants that can survive salty water, it really does thrive in this habitat. Wild-geese are often seen on the beaches here, as are windmills standing proudly on the wetlands. In order to protect the natural habitat, there is only one area where people are allowed to walk. Here, you can take off their shoes and feel the softness of the wetlands between their toes. You might even see crabs waving their hefty claws on the nearby beach. Come here to learn about the natural life that has made its home in the wetlands. Or simply sit back and relax to the sight of the sunset against the windmill and the beautiful clouds.


  • Gaomei Wetlands is not near any public transport, meaning that most tourists miss out on this gem when in Taiwan. Join us on our Taichung City Fantasy tour for a two days whirlwind of the best of Taichung, including Lavender Cottage and the Rainbow Military Dependents’ Village. Or contact us about our customized tours for even greater flexibility.

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