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    Wenhua Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Fengjia Night Market is the biggest, most popular, and most interesting night market in Taiwan. Although it originated as a small market around Fengjia University, it has become increasingly popular since the freeway system was built and nearby Taichung Airport was renovated. Today, this place attracts over a hundred million visitors annually and does billions of TWD dollars business every year. And there is a reason. If you want nightlife, this place beats the rest. Taichung has long been a stopover point for people travelling north and south, as well as for those looking for some freshly cooked food in the middle of the night.

And indeed the food is fantastic here. Octopus meat balls, “loaded baked potatoes”, sausages in sticky rice rolls, crepes, oyster omelets, sweet taro ball soup and super tall ice creams all seduce the taste-buds of night-marketeers. One of the best bubble tea stores, Just Tea Shop (茶本味) - serving the best selling Nodding Milk Tea, can also be found here, as can a greet beef noodle restaurant on the outskirts of the market. Nearby restaurants, such as Juanyong Village (雋永邨) and Jingcai Xiaoguan (京采小館) are well worth a visit. When your tummy is full, enjoy people-watching, playing the arcade games on offer and shopping for clothes and shoes here instead. When it comes to shopping, the choices on offer here are more mature than those on Yizhong Street, which was set up to cater for the many students in the area. You can find many mini shopping malls in the night market, making it time-consuming to explore. We recommend at least two evenings of shopping and eating here!


  • Fengjia Night Market really comes alive after sunset. Why not book our Taichung Purple Lavender tour during the day, and ask our friendly guides to drop you off here in the evening. Never, ever drive a car into Fengjia Night Market on your own - it is hugely crowded and will take you an eternity to get back out again. Let our guides handle it for you.

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