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    No.41, Zhuyuan Ln., Beitun Dist., Taichung City 406, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Before the 921 Earthquake in 1999, Encore Garden was the most popular theme park in Taichung Region. Apart from its playground and outdoor theater for family day, the biggest feature of the place was the water curtain movie and dancing fountains. On that time, they were really high-end technological and trendy stuff to attract tourists: using water spray in a large pool to create a curtain out of water and project the image on it. Nevertheless, as the earthquake had destroyed many facilities in the garden, in addition to rise of intra-national tourism, theme parks in Taiwan started to fold one by one. Eventually, the behind-time Encore Garden determined to close under irresolvable financial pressure.

The land and its facilities, however, have not been sold or reused in these years. Weeds grow higher than a normal man, vines climb over the buildings and dead leaves cover all over the passages. The table and chair for token collecting are not moved, as if the staff just left suddenly and never came back. A British media enlist the place as the top ten of most horrifying theme park ruins in the world, sharing the title with Land of Oz (奧茲樂園) in North Carolina, America and Gulliver’s Kingdom (格列佛王國) in Japan. Despite of the fact that the place is abandoned long ago, it still belongs to private, therefore, entry without authorization is prohibited. Due to its creepy atmosphere, adventurous local students and photographers who devoted into ruin photographing are attracted.


  • It is closed since 2008.

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