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Dakeng Trails are mainly composed of ten trails. Trips to Trail No. 1 to 5 are more strenuous and therefore are more suitable for people who exercise regularly. A trip on each trail takes about 3 hours. Trail No. 6 to 10 are excellent for family visitors. A trip on each takes about less than an hour. Generally, the locals tread on Trail No. 1 and 2 or Trail No. 3 and 4 during the same trip, so they can enjoy different scenery while having somewhere to rest halfway. Among all the trails, Trail No. 4 is the most challenging yet most fantastic one. The end of Trail No. 4 is connected to Trail No. 5, where stands the highest point of downtown Taichung (859 meters high).

At the entrances of Trail No. 6 to 10 stand some stalls and stores. You can grab a breakfast before your trip or buy some vegetables home after hiking. You can also enjoy urn-roasted chicken at a nearby nice restaurant or sample some delicacies like taro balls. Because Dakeng Mountain is the habitat for Formosan rock monkeys, sometimes you can find them going out hunting for food in the early morning. Although the monkeys are not aggressive, it is advised not to feed them. If there is something unique that differentiates Dakeng Trails from other trails in Taiwan, it should be the log trail constructed by pieces of short logs. Occasionally you'll see pavilions beside the trail, where you can overlook the center of Taichung City or sit down to have a tea and small chat as the breeze drifts around. When you visit Dakeng with your kids, there are some physical training facilities beside Trail No. 1. The wooden facilities help consume the children's excessive energy.


Taichung - Purple Lavender

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