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    No.142, Zhongxing Ln., Yuchi Township, Nantou County 555, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

The grand facade of Lalu has been standing by the side of Sun Moon Lake since the Japanese colonial era in Taiwan. Eventually, it was transformed into Chiang Kai-shek’s own private hotel after the KMT retreated to Taiwan. Later, after an amendment to the law, this heritage site was handed to a private contractor, without the outside of the building being changed at all. In its modern incarnation, Lalu exists as a hotel open to the general public. So, luckily for us, whereas in the past only party-state officials could enjoy its gourmet food, many people from all walks of life now have the opportunity to come here and appreciate natural and man-made wonders at Sun Moon Lake. After its reconstruction in line with "minimalist" and "zen" principles, its building exterior now consists of the four building materials of wood, stone, glass and iron, giving it a unique and modern feeling on the side of Sun Moon Lake side. Inside, you can enjoy a variety of dishes. Indeed, as well as local specialties and Western cuisine, you can also enjoy Japanese meals, or watch the ever-changing mist on the mountains from the window, your boutique beverage in your hand. Although the price is not exactly the lowest of the bunch, and you may not recognize the dishes on the menu, as soon as the waiter brings your meal out to the table, you will probably recognize a few of the ingredients. Even so, you will probably not predict the flavors that result - perhaps you expect it to be hot, but it is served cold, or it may have be a western-style dish, but served with a Taiwanese-style sauce. The surprises and the beautiful flavors make it worth savoring slowly. If you want to enjoy the scenic Sun Moon Lake and local food, Lalu is definitely your best choice.


Sun Moon Lake - Culture

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