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To travel between Sun Moon Lake and Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village (九族文化村), most visitors will choose to take a ride on the ropeway. When the sky is clear, you can soak in the magnificent view over Sun Moon Lake. When it is raining and the surrounding mountains are covered by heavy fog, travelling on the cable car might give you an illusion of walking on a sea of clouds and entering a mysterious land.

In merely seven minutes, the ride will transport you to the other side of the mountain at the height of 1,044 meters. The best part is that you will arrive at the highest point of of Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village, which means that there is no going up further. All you have to do is go on a leisurely walk to the exit. But, if you choose to arrive at and start from the entrance of Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village, expect to climb all the way up to the highest point and return to the entrance/exit via the same route – the climb may not be so pleasant for some.

Each cable car can accommodate up to eight passengers. Note that they stop selling tickets around 30 minutes before closing, so it is advised to get your tickets before sunset. As Sun Moon Lake is prone to heavy rains, the ropeway may temporarily close due to threat of lightening and thunder.


  • The ticket is stopped selling 30 minutes before closure eveyday.

Sun Moon Lake - Culture

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