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The four-story-high visitor center by Shuishe Pier is the beginning point for a comprehensive journey through the cultural and natural history. It provides all kinds of tourist information and services, allowing you to charge up your cell phone and print out the pictures you take. Wheelchairs and strollers are also available on a first-come, first-served basis. Shuishe Pier serves as the best starting point for the first-time visitors of Sun Moon Lake. You can rent a bike here to cycle around this tranquil lake, ranked by CNN as one of the best cycling routes in the world. You can also go a lovely lake cruise from Shuishe Pier to Ita Thao Pier on the other side of the lake.

A significant number of restaurants and souvenir shops can be found all around Shuishe Pier. If you are still having difficulty trying to figure out what souvenir you should bring back home from Sun Moon Lake, the celebrated black tea will be a pretty good idea. When the night falls, the lakeside bar makes a great place for a drink overlooking the boats. Hotels and guesthouses are abundant as well. For those who are looking for luxurious experiences, the Lalu (涵碧樓) and Wen Wan Resort (日月行館) might hurt your wallet but the exceptional service and incredible views are well worth the money.

As for the pier itself, the view is simply breathtaking. With lush green mountains as a backdrop, boats blissfully drifting on the shimmering lake make a wonderful scene to behold. Even though the beautiful sunset is not to be missed, but the best time of the day is at dawn, when everything is shrouded in a mist of magic. But we couldn’t understand that not everyone is an early bird especially when on a vacation. So why not just pick a nice teahouse or café and spend the whole day relaxing by the lake?


A round-trip ferry ticket costs TWD300.


  • Tickets for round-lake ferry tour is TWD300 per person.

Sun Moon Lake - Culture

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