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    No.219, Zhongshan 3rd Rd., Puli Township, Nantou County 545, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Located in Nantou County, Puli Winery was badly damaged during the devastating 921 Earthquake back in 1999 but has now found a new life as a “tourism winery” after years of reconstruction.

In the early days, Puli Winery mainly produced glutinous rice wine, rice wine and sake. Later, they started to use the high quality spring water from Ailan Plateau (愛蘭台地) to produce Shaoxing wine (紹興酒). According to traditional customs, Taiwanese parents, rich or poor, would bury many urns of Shaoxing wine underground when there was a newborn in the family. They waited until the day their daughter got married, and these urns of wine became dowries, therefore known as “daughter brew (女兒紅).” If it was a son, they would invite friends and family to celebrate his passing the highest imperial civil service examination by drinking up all these “scholar brew (狀元紅).” These urns of wines will rest for a few years in the cellar before carefully decanting and enjoying. The most basic Shaoxing wine is released within three years, but there are also other types of Shaoxing wine that may need five, seven and even ten years to reach its peak – they are all available to sample at a tiny price.

This golden liquor has shone in many different international competitions and will please those who enjoy strong flavors in their tipple. It can be drunk hot or cold to suit your mood or taste. For those who are so much into drinking, Puli Winery is still a delight as you will find a great variety of wine-related products and snacks such as sausages, rice cakes, popsicles, tea eggs and candy. If you keep your eyes peeled, you might spot an inspicuous temple sitting right next to the winery. It is Dukang (杜康) who is being enshrined inside. Legend has it that Dukang was the inventor of wine, and today, those who work in the winemaking industry still worship him as the god of wine. Even wine lovers can’t help but thank him for all his contributions for bringing such a joy to the world.

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