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    Yidashao St., Yuchi Township, Nantou County 555, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

From Shuishe Pier, visitors could go a lovely lake cruise to Ita Thao Pier on the other side of the lake. Ita Thao is the origin of Thao people and continues to convey the history of this aboriginal tribe in Taiwan. Legend has it that their ancestors were originally from Alishan and chased a white deer all the way to a faraway lake, where they found an abundance of fish. They returned to their homeland, brought the whole tribe here and decided to settle down at Sun Moon Lake, as we call it today.

Tribal life is almost extinct now as there are fewer than 800 Thao people around Sun Moon Lake. But a visit to Ita Thao allows you to join a real aboriginal cultural experience combined with yummy aboriginal goodies. On the side note, the famous tea egg stall in front of the Xuanguang Temple (玄光寺) that has a super-yummilicious smell is also worth a try. When the sun starts to sink towards the horizon, the shops and hotels will be lit up with the surroundings soaked in soft ambient lights. If visiting in February, you will be warmly welcomed by an array of cherry blossoms as you walk along the trail encircling Sun Moon Lake.


Sun Moon Lake - Culture

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