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Former president Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石) liked Sun Moon Lake a lot. He came here often for vacation and he even built a tall tower for memorizing his mother. His former staying mansion is now the exquisite, the Lalu Hotel. Hanbi Hiking Trail is the route he and his beloved wife, Ms. Sung, walked almost every time they visited the area. We highly recommended you to come here before the sunrise. The vapor of the lake painted the whole place blue and you wonder if you are in your dream to see this color scheme on everything. The trail in almost 2 kilometers long and it takes about an hour to finish. It is not too steep so it will not take too much effort. Just walk slowly to experience the woods around you. Some birds like fulvetta and Taiwan barbets might jump and fly around the twigs, so keep your eyes open and be quiet, and you might see them saying hi to you.


Sun Moon Lake - Culture

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