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From Sun Moon Lake, you only need a thirty minutes’ drive or a seven minutes’ ride on the cable car to reach Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village on the other side of the mountain. When it is raining and the surrounding mountains are covered by heavy fog, travelling on the cable car might give you an illusion of walking on a sea of clouds and entering a mysterious land.

Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village was established in 1986. Back at that time, there were only nine officially recognized indigenous groups in Taiwan. However, with the rise of aboriginal self-identification, many indigenous peoples started to ask for rightful recognition. By the end of 2016, sixteen of indigenous groups have been officially recognized by the government. Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village can be divided into three major sections: Aboriginal Village Park, European Garden and Amusement Isle. Upon getting off the ropeway, you will be first greeted by Aboriginal Village Park, where all the disappearing traditional houses are recreated. Here, visitors will gain an insightful look into the indigenous culture of Taiwan through traditional performances and archery lessons. Be sure to ask for a performance schedule as these shows run regularly.

After Aboriginal Village Park, your next stop will be European Garden. If visiting in February, you will be warmly welcomed by an array of cherry blossoms, and the backdrop of the mountain foliage is a true visual delight. During the blooming season, Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village is open until late for visitors to appreciate the lighted water fountains that "dance" to music – photography enthusiasts especially love the scene not to be missed. There is also a mini-train that takes you on a ride around the garden that will be blooming with lavender and tulips in different seasons of the year. To make your hungry stomach happy, head to the Ritz Palace (麗宮), a Chinese restaurant hidden in a Baroque style mansion. While enjoying your meal like a royalty, you will be granted a magnificent view of the vast garden that spreads out right before you. When the night falls, the garden is drenched in in lustrous lights, giving a romantic touch to the experience.

The very last stop of yours will be Amusement Isle, a kids’ paradise for sure. Amusement rides come in a variety of themes. For example, “Caribbean Splash” is for all family members to enjoy, “Maya Adventure” is a suspended roller coaster that swings and sways as it makes its way through a series of twists and turns, and “UFO Freefall” with the height of 85 meters is definitely not for the fainthearted.


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