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    No.20, Ci’en St., Puli Township, Nantou County 545, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

A trip to the Puli Township of Nantou may not be complete without a visit to Puli Winery, but a quick break at Feeling 18 will make all the difference. Together with Sunny Hill (微熱山丘) and Monster Village (妖怪村), this chocolate shop is known to be one of the three must-visit spots in Nantou. Before opening up Feeling 18°C, the owner Master Mao had had already more ten years of experience in making chocolate. Master Mao even flew to Japan to hone and perfect his chocolate making skills.

His pair of children, both chocolate connoisseurs, encouraged him to start his own business. So finally at the age of forty, Master Mao opened up Feeling 18°C. In order to save on rent and cost of living, Master Mao returned to where he grew up: the Puli Township of Nantou. Don’t underestimate such a small shop as it is always teeming with eager tourists on weekends. The owner even had to bought an extra land nearby, serving as a parking lot to accommodate crowds of customers. To make sure that the temperature of the chocolate is maintained at the perfect 18°C, customers must queue up in line, and each time, only one group of people could get in. While waiting, you will be treated to free samples, so that makes the wait more tolerable. On a side note, their ice cream comes in many different flavors and will make a summer staple of many.

Master Mao even created a foundation to encourage reading among local schoolkids: forty books read can exchange for a box of chocolate at Feeling 18°C. Some might think that Master Mao is more like offering charities than doing business, but for him, it is the smile of children that matters the most.

What’s worth noting is that the pastry shop across the road offers free cold high mountain tea that has a smooth aroma going from the tip of your tongue, down the throat and all the way to your stomach. Have a sip if you happen to be around.

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