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    No.10, Ln. 1, Zhongyang St., Magong City, Penghu County 880, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Located beside Zhongyang Old Street, Shigong Memorial Temple mainly worships Shi Lang (施琅), a Qing general who defeated Taiwan's Zheng family and recovered Taiwan to the Qing Empire. Because of his great feats, it is said that Shi Lang had been worshipped in an established temple at the end of 17th century even when he was still alive. Later, due to Penghu's development, Shigong Memorial Temple was moved to its current site. Yet, the place is privately-owned now, so sometimes it is not open to the public, and visitors can only have a glimpse from the window outside the door.

As an important military site for Shi Lang to recover Taiwan, Penghu was left with lots of stories and legends when Shi Lang's navy crossed the sea to sweep and attack. One of the legend is about Shi Lang praying for water. When General Shi defeated Zheng family's Governor-General at Penghu and occupied Magong, the navy he led found no water to use. Shi Lang prayed to God, and then inexhaustible fresh water emerged from a well. The legendary big well is just around Shigong Memorial Temple. Come and find the treasure by yourself!