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    No.300, Shili, Magong City, Penghu County 880, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Growing on an island with a dry and windy climate, the plants in Penghu boast the ability to resist droughts, gusts, and high salinity. Plants commonly seen in the wilds of Penghu include agaves, white lead trees, cacti, and so on, which therefore contributes to one of Penghu specialties: cactus ice cream. Located in Qingwan, the southwest corner of Magong, Qingwan Cactus Park cultivates a variety of cacti coming in all sizes, welcoming visitors to know more about this unique plant. In addition to appreciating various cacti, family visitors may come to a greenhouse in the park to plant a cute potted cactus by themselves. Moreover, visitors can interact with ostriches and other kinds of feathers, which also makes an interesting experience. Entertaining and educational, Qingwan Cactus Park is a perfect amusement park for families with kids.