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    Tongliang, Baisha Township, Penghu County 884, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Penghu Great Bridge is arguably the most prominent landmark on Penghu Island. Decades ago, considering the water currents between Baisha Island and the West Isle too treacherous to sail, the government built Penghu Great Bridge to link Baisha Island and the West Isle, therefore solving the problem. The bridge was completed in 1970 with a total length of 2500 meters, emerging as the first deep sea bridge in Southeast Asia. However, because the sea wind has corroded and worn the bridge day after day, the government has rebuilt and regularly maintained it afterwards. When you pass the existing new bridge, the former one's pier is just within your sight.

Because the bridge is so important for Penghu people, it is gradually becoming a tourist attraction that there is even a parking lot for tourist buses at the head of the bridge. Visitors should not miss the Penghu specialty "cactus ice cream" when visiting here. Located at the head of the bridge on Baisha Island, Yi Family’s Cactus Ice Cream (易家仙人掌冰) is an old brand selling the local specialty. Since it is windy and dry in Penghu, the place is ideal for cactus to survive. There is even a special cactus park in Qingwan, Magong City, a suitable place for families to visit together to better understand the cactus. However, it requires complicated procedures to make cactus ice cream. If you're interested, consult Yi family's old granny when you sample it!