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One of the oldest military dependents’ village, Duxing 10th Village had been a place for artillery bands’ practices and drills in the Qing dynasty. Later, the Japanese army established Penghu Fortress Headquarters and official residences at the place after occupation. Therefore, most of the remaining buildings are Japanese-style, while some carry a touch of Western design. Because many of the residences belonged to officers with higher ranks, Duxing 10th Village is also known as “Dependents’ Village for Generals and Captains.”

In the village stand Chang Yu-sheng (張雨生) Memorial Museum and Pan An-Bang’s (潘安邦) House, where ethnic Chinese around the world will definitely pay a visit when they visit the village. Chang Yu-sheng, a talented singer and composer, tragically died in a car accident when his career reached its peak. Yet his singing is still freshly remembered by tons of people, his legendary life retold in the Memorial Museum. Pan An-Bang, a famous folk singer active in the 1980s, created the iconic song “Granny's Penghu Bay.” Even now, the song is still widely sung not only in Penghu, but also in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. Come to reflect on Pan’s singing in Pan An-Bang’s House.