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    No.76, Zhugaowan, Xiyu Township, Penghu County 881, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Standing in Zhuwan Village of the West Isle, Dayi Temple is a local religious center, worshipping Guan Yu. However, when it comes to Penghu’s temples, everyone is sure to think about the first Mazu Temple in Taiwan—Penghu Mazu Temple. Then what makes Dayi Temple so unique to become a tourist attraction even though it is erected in the same region with Penghu Mazu Temple, a first class historic site?

Indeed, there are two miraculous legends here: Some said Guan Yu had ever appeared to block the French’s cannonballs in Sino-French War, so the villagers in Zhuwan survived in the war. The other legend is more interesting. It is said that the statue of The Red Hare, Guan Yu’s famous horse, had been seen to come alive at night and trample vegetable gardens naughtily, leaving a terrible mess. To discipline this mischievous horse, a statue of stable boy was erected beside The Red Hare to watch the horse closely. The Red Hare has made no troubles since then. Amusing legend, isn’t it?

In fact, it is not the entertaining legends that attract visitors to Dayi Temple. People came here for several protected big sea turtles, which are fed in the temple’s intriguing basement. The so-called “basement” is actually on the ground (first floor), since the temple’s main hall is set on the second floor. Walk through colorful coral caves to the wishing fountain, you’ll see the massive creatures in front of you. Green turtles, loggerhead turtles, hawksbill turtles, and the living fossil “horseshoe crabs” all appear in front of you. The chance to watch these beautiful creatures closely makes a trip to Dayi temple worthwhile. It’s not overstated to say Dayi Temple is virtually a tiny aquarium.