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    Shitoushan Park, Jinshan District, New Taipei City 208, Taiwan (ROC)

Only five minutes’ drive from downtown Jinshan, Shitoushan (獅頭山) is known to be abundant with geological features and natural resources. A visit up to Zhongzhen Pavilion (中正亭) within Shitoushan Park (獅頭山公園) allows a stunning view of the one-of-a-kind Twin Candlestick Islets (燭臺雙嶼). With a height of 60 meters, the Twin Candlestick Islets was once part of Jinshan Cape (金山岬) and later separated from the cape due to the motions of the tectonic plates and coastal erosion. Originally a single, isolated rock arch, the two upright pillars took its present form after the top collapsed and bear a striking resemblance to two candlesticks, hence the name.

Taiwan was once an authoritarian country with 38 years of martial law. During that time, Shitoushan Park served as a military stronghold that guarded the North Coast, to which the general public has no access. Thanks to the lack of commercial development, this area remains as a relatively intact natural environment and becomes a paradise for hikers and those seeking up-close encounters with nature. Join other like-minded travelers on this gentle, scenic walk surrounded by flora and fauna. The hiking trail will eventually lead you to the lookout on top, where the sheer wonder of Twin Candlestick Islets can be appreciated.