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    Shimen District, New Taipei City 253, Taiwan (ROC)

For those who are always looking for a Mediterranean flair, there is no need to fly all the way to Southern Europe. A visit to Shimen Wedding Plaza on the North Coast will make your romantic getaway as lovely as it can possibly be. Featuring the Greek-style architecture in a blue and white base, the whole plaza boasts a distinct Mediterranean feel inside out. Many newlyweds and lovebirds flood here to capture a romantic moment that will last a lifetime, making it one of favorite destinations for pre-wedding photoshoot in northern Taiwan.

Set against an idyllic sea view backdrop, the snow white bell tower and archways offer a picturesque coastal scene that is perfect for camera-toting travellers and reminiscent of Southern Europe. The only difference, of course, is the sheer vastness of the Pacific Ocean laid out before you.