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    Qianshuiwan, Sanzhi District, New Taipei City 252, Taiwan (ROC)

A trip to the North Coast is never complete without a visit to Qianshui Bay. With a vibrant abundance of natural resources and algal reef landscapes, Qianshui Bay bring the great big world of geography to visitors of all ages, making it a hotspot for researchers and photographers alike. It is a summer paradise for generations of beach-loving families, while the cafés lining the shore are perfect setting for afternoon tea. The sheer vastness of the Pacific Ocean laid out before you will speak for itself.

The locals enjoy a lazy afternoon lying on the beach as well as a scenic ride along the coastal bike path. Don’t rush to your next destination though. Take your time and appreciate the spectacular view bathed in golden hour hues at sunset. This is a great escape to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, so enjoy a nice chat with the friendly locals during your trip. You will soon realize that people are the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan, and this is especially true in this little town filled with kindness and humanity.


Cafés and restaurants here are open for business at 11 AM.


  • Cafes and restaurants here open at 11:00AM.